Saturday, August 24, 2024 
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm 
Greystone Founders Driving Range 

“GROOVE ON THE GREEN 2024” will once again feature the 12 South band and is a FREE CONCERT open to the Greystone Founders and Greystone Legacy homeowners plus all Greystone Golf & Country Club members!  Donations and Sponsorships are encouraged and go to support our charities. 

For each $25 Family Donation, you will receive one raffle ticket! 

Families and Individuals are encouraged to make a minimum donation of $25.00 donation in lieu of buying a ticket, but any amount will be welcomed and there is NO LIMIT on donations!

For every $25 donated for the “Groove on the Green” event, you will receive one raffle ticket!!!! See our raffle items above!

The more our patrons donate, the more the Greystone Foundation can give to our charities! PLUS, our Groove Fans will have a QR code on them for an easy way to donate as well!  (Click here to purchase)


Each “PLATINUM LOUNGE” Platinum Lounge Sponsorship is a $2,500 donation and includes:

  • Front Row VIP Table
  • Lounge Area with Outdoor Furniture in front
  • Cocktail Service
  • Private Bar Access
  • Open Bar & Food
  • Eight (8) Passes

Each “GREEN ROOM” Sponsorship is a $1,500 donation and includes:

  • Second Row VIP Table
  • Lounge Area with Outdoor Furniture in Front
  • Cocktail Service
  • Private Bar Access
  • Open Bar & Food
  • Six (6) Passes

Each “PARTY PAD” Package is a $1,000 donation and includes:

  • Third Row VIP High Top Tables
  • Private Bar Access
  • Open Bar & Food
  • Four (4) Passes


SANE Clinic at Children’s of Alabama -A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) is a registered nurse who provides expert and compassionate care to survivors of sexual assault and acute events of sexual abuse. Since 2001, Children’s of Alabama’s SANE program has offered skillful care to pediatric and adolescent patients who have experienced or who are suspected to have experienced sexual abuse.

Our team is comprised of skilled and dedicated nurses with specialized SANE training providing comprehensive care to help start the child’s healing process. They provide a safe environment and ensure the child’s needs are met. Nurses from multiple disciplines throughout Children’s of Alabama volunteer to join this team. After training with senior team members, they share the responsibility of providing 24-hour care through the Children’s Emergency Department.

Shelby County Humane Society – Our Mission is to care for homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned animals and educate the community to instill an increased awareness and commitment to the responsibility of animal ownership and protection. Our Vision is to establish a strong collaboration between Shelby Humane and the community that fosters the successful adoption for all shelter animals, reduces the number of unwanted animals in our community, and promoting proper pet identification.

Shelby Humane seeks to develop and maintain a positive public image and to serve as a  resource that the public turns to for support and advice in the many facets of animal husbandry.

Greystone Employees Scholarship Fund Logo

Greystone Golf & Country Club Employee Scholarship – In 2023, the Greystone Foundation began raising money to award financial assistance to current Greystone Country Club employees or their families. Depending on amounts raised moneys can be used to pay for books, tuition, room and board or hopefully all of the above. Moneys raised will be delivered to directly to higher education institutions such as Universities, Junior Colleges, and Trade Schools. The Foundation Board process of approval involves criteria that may vary year from year but will include high school transcripts, extracurricular activities, and Greystone employment tenure.

For more information on how to become a sponsor, please reach out to Co-Chairs Melanie Nitto or Meagan Stephens via email at or via phone at 205-777-9320 (Melanie) or 205-531-2757 (Meagan).

Greystone Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax deductible within IRS guidelines